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Located in Hagerstown, MD on nearly 180 acres, the Club has been at this location since 1939. Shooting at NARGC is limited to members and guests with the exception of scheduled open competitions. The governing body, the Board of Directors, consists of six officers elected annually and six directors (two elected every three years), and the immediate past president. Prospective members of the Club must be at least 21 years old, U.S. citizens, and sponsored by two current Club members. All applicants for membership must complete a written application. For more information review the APPLICATION and WAIVER.

After being voted on and sworn in, members must take the range safety class prior to being able to use any of the shooting ranges. The purpose of the course is to familiarize members with the layout of the Club, with safety rules, and with the usage rules for each range. The names of prospective members are published to the membership at least one month prior to being voted on at a Board of Directors meeting. Candidates must be approved for membership by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. For more information see MEMBERSHIP PROCESS.

New members who have not received a “Membership Card” may utilize the club facilities by showing your “receipt” to the bar staff.  You may not utilize any gun range until you get a Grounds Badge.  Also, you may not do any gambling that requires a member number.

Members who have not taken the range safety course may use the ranges only as a supervised guest of a member who has taken the course.  Range safety qualified members can bring guests to the Club. All guests must be accompanied by a range-qualified member while using any range. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times they are on Club property.

The Clubhouse has a full kitchen, bar, and meeting rooms. Club grounds include picnic and camping areas (special permission from the board of directors required for camping). Fishing is permitted in the Antietam creek; appropriate State licenses are required. Ranges include skeet and trap, archery, rifle and pistol ranges. Trap and skeet leagues operate on a regular basis and the Club hosts a variety of open competitive rifle, pistol and shotgun events. Call chair person for further details.

The membership voted in favor of having the $100 assessment again this year to cover certain expenses necessary for the operation of the Club - one item is replacement of the heating and air conditioning system. With our current membership, the only way to decrease the cost of operation per members is to increase the number of active members in the Club. With enough active members, it is possible that the assessment would not be necessary next year. The Board of Directors is sponsoring Membership Drive Days to reward current members for bringing new members into the Club.

Renew your membership using your Credit Card or PayPal and join our Email list!